PhysioGo 100A / 101A

PhysioGo 100A / 101A




  • two completely independent treatment channels
  • operation mode: program / manual
  • preset treatment program and sequence base
  • statistics
  • encyclopedia with treatment methodology description
  • treatment programs chosen by name or medical field
  • concise list of favorite programs
  • buzzer volume setting
  • possibility of edition the names of user-defined programs and sequences
  • self-test – systematic control of the unit
  • 7’ color touchscreen
  • real time clock
  • model PHG101A – battery unit


  • operation in CC (stabilized output current) and CV (stabilized output voltage) modes
  • electrodes test
  • generation of unidirectional (unipolar) currents in interrupted mode
  • complete galvanic isolation between channels in each mode



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